head185.jpgI was very disturbed to find out when I opened today’s New York Times that the Mets have perhaps inadvertently done harm to Ryan Church  by putting him in to pinch hit a handful of times since his collision with Atlanta Braves shortstop Yunel Escobar.

Although he was repeatedly asked how he was feeling and claimed he was good-to-go, it appears that having him make the road trip–much less pinch hit–would not have been recommended by medical specialists.

I winced reading that, upon his return home on Sunday, his ears“felt like they were ready to explode.”

Goodness gracious, I know that the guys want to put together some wins–for their sake and for that of their closely-watched manager–but please, let’s not lose perspective here!

Please, Ryan, in the words of Corey Koskie–someone who speaks from experience, it’s not worth it.”

Please stay home, rest, enjoy your wife and newborn, and avoid the light and other painful stimuli.

You don’t want to mess around:  the third time may be a charm. 


Oh…and after you give Koskie a call as he suggested, maybe then give me a call too. 

As a sufferer of frequent migraine headaches, I’d be very interested in knowing the name of your neurologist.

Take care of yourself and be well, Ryan.

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