Abcs_copy_1 What a feelin’!  Friday’s win, followed by a win Saturday, and another Sunday. 

A series win. 


I/we almost forgot what that felt like!

How nice too that Sunday’s game was good FUNDAMENTALS! 

Good pitching, good hitting, good fielding!

What a thrill to see the Mets building one win at a time: building blocks toward a series win and towards getting that "edge" back.

They did so by taking advantage of some opportunities handed to them: 

I submit the letter "A" for the A’s themselves for handily giving us a series and a sweep.  Thanks!

Trevor Buck’s mishandling of Wright’s liner that allowed Castro to score in the bottom of the ninth on Saturday night I chose for "B".

And Cust’s poor throw following Reyes’ 1st inning hit in Sunday’s game, allowing Reyes to jump up after sliding safely into second and round third and go home is my selection for "C". 

Oh.  And Castro is also on there for good measure as well for his contributions in the second game of the series.

Feel free to continue through the alphabet if you wish!  "D" for DiNardo, oops…Cards are coming in now…ummm, let’s see. "E" for Encarnacion, "F" for Franklin.

You get the idea.  The important thing if to just KEEP IT BUILDING. 

Block by block by block by block…

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