072207008crop_4  "BOOOOOOOO!!!!!" the fans cried out indignantly at Willie as he walked purposefully to the mound after the first batter led off the top of the ninth last night with a single.  How DARE he take the ball away from Tom Glavine!  The crowd was obviously thinking that, but most of us obviously knew too that Tom had probably only come out in the ninth just to get that rousing ovation as he did take the mound in the ninth and then when he departed after that first at-bat to deafening cheers and a well-deserved ovation. 

Mr. G certainly had it all last night:  (1) his good stuff and the ability to mix it up appropriately, (2) lots of run support [Heck, HE even scored a run and drove in two himself!], and (3) a bullpen that could keep things in check.  [Pitching eight entire innings minimizes the possibility of bullpen catastrophies at least!]

072207005_2 I’m sure Glavine finally slept well last night, but he wasn’t the only one.  This was a great, well-played game by a team that sorely needed one of those, played in front of fans that needed the same!0722070008_3 

Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I had stayed at a home game long enough to hear the XM Sing-A-Long "Sweet Caroline"–my daughter belted that out especially lustily last night to make up for all the lost refrains. 

And how sweet it was to hear the strains of Bachman-Turner Overdrive’s "Takin’ Care of  Business" after the Mets had indeed done so!!! 

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