07160626 This is my daughter Melanie.  She wore this wacky hat one day, all day, to school this week as part of "Spirit Week" at her elementary school.

Her school has these "spirit weeks" several times a year, each day featuring some different way to "show spirit". 

She wore her King Tut hat (pictured) for "Wacky Hat Day".  Some other days that have been celebrated during previous Spirit Weeks have been PJ Day (wear your pajamas to school), Wacky Socks Day, School Colors Day, etc.

As I watched my pre-teen walk down the sidewalk to school in her Egyptian headgear, her rolling backpack being pulled behind her, I couldn’t help but think, "Perhaps the Mets need some sort of ‘Spirit Week’ or ‘Spirit Day" themselves."

Yes, of course, the fans always show up in Mets colors.  But maybe the players themselves should devote a day to some wackiness.  Would THAT get them out of the doldrums, do you think??!!

Well, I don’t think Major League Baseball would approve, much less Willie Randolph, but while they had a day off, I had some fun imagining "what if" anyway:Socks


It has the added advantage of seeing a balk (if the opposing pitcher is wearing them) or as an aid for the umpire in distinguishing the bottom of the strike zone.

Pjs_1 ***PJ DAY***

Not only are pajamas comfortable to play in, but if games go into extra innings and go late into the night, players can just sleep in their uniforms!Hats_1


And last but not least,***WACKY HAT DAY***

Unlike the aforementioned spirit days, Hat Day could present problems with regard to the players’ performance, but we could address those on Rc_copy_3 an individual basis, of course. 

Oh, and if they so chose, opposing teams’ players and managers would be invited to participate in the day’s theme too.

I’m tired of playing with PhotoShop, you Mets guys. 

Could you please start playing some great baseball again so that we bloggers could have something fun to blog about again??!!

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