51356221_snake_10 Well, I have to say I felt a bit snake-bitten after  those nasty ol’ Diamondbacks left town on Sunday.

At least we had the distinct pleasure of having curtailed their winning streak.  And we did have that wonderful win on Saturday…that felt good!  Additionally, the fact that Sosa seems to be in fine form and has built up his confidence following his less-than-triumphant return to Turner Field is another fine thing about the weekend too!  HOR- HAY!!

Allstar_20071 Following Saturday’s game, our family came home and turned on FOX to check out the action at Fenway.  Although our interest in the proceedings there was only casual, all three of us perked up every time the FOX commercial for their coverage of the All-Star Game came on.  Did anyone else see this clever commercial?

The ad features many Major League players on one of two trolley cars travelling rapidly up and down the hilly streets of San Francisco.Allstar_20072_1   Featured right at the very beginning of the commercial, and each grinning ear to ear, are the youthful Jose Reyes and David Wright.  (Credit goes to Daily News photographer Howard Simmons for these photos taken from the commercial shoot earlier this year in Fort Pierce, Florida.)

The commercial itself is so cute and brought such smiles and laughs (but especially from the antics of the two Mets.),  It was such a contrast to go back to the game itself and the camera shots of the Yankee dugout…so morose, so serious. 

Yes, I know the Yankees are not doing well at the moment and that "big hooks" have been threatened.  But even when the Yankees ARE doing well, they never seem to approach the game with the sheer JOY and EXUBERANCE that our boys do. 

The Mets just seem to LOVE playing the game.   The standings appear to be a mere by-product of that passion. 

My oboe teacher and still my greatest musical mentor, Richard Woodhams, once spoke of his wish to always try to perform like a professional with the spirit and enthusiasm of an amateur. 

Here’s to that "rookie spirit"…no matter each of our ages or endeavors!

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