During the Giants series, I was intrigued to observe the banter between Mets players and Barry Bonds when he got on base.

05290710crop_2 This was not a noteworthy phenomenon; in the lull between pitches and at-bats, I’ve previously witnessed plenty of friendly asides exchanged between opposing players. 

As I’ve observed this over the years, I have often speculated what the conversations might entail.

The weather? 

"Man is it HOT out here.  Can we get this one over or WHAT?!" 05290711crop_4 

Could the visiting player be asking the home player where he could get good barbeque in the vicinity of the stadium?

Or maybe the home player even razzes the base-runner: 

"Man, the only reason you are on base is because of a lucky break you got on that slider, man."

Who knows.

But as I looked through my telephoto lens at Bonds and Delgado and, later, Bonds and Wright and saw the smiles and laughs they were having together following what were lots of boos from the Shea crowd, I suspected the conversations went something along the lines of

"Man, are you sure this record is worth all this attention??"

"God, do I get sh*t or WHAT?!  It’s so predictable…every **** night!  I’ve gotten so I MISS it and feel neglected if it doesn’t happen!"

I guess I’ll never know what those guys are truly yakking about, but I kinda like speculating anyway!

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