You’re looking at it.  Right here.  This is IT!

As far as I’m concerned, this is the best thing to come out of the first two games of the Phillies series.

What you see here is a ball that Carlos Delgado fouled off into the Mezzanine box where I sat–still full of hope and optimism–last night during the bottom of the second inning. 

Yes, I was thrilled to have caught the foul…nice little souvenir!  06060701_7 And my family was sure proud of me.  But, boy, did that hope and optimism that I’d had in the second inning drain away after the bottom of the 7th. 

Yes, I did stay, but it was for naught. 

Not only did the Mets fail to make up those three runs the Phillies scored (Thank you, Aaron Heilman!), but now another one of our precious few, dwindling outfielders has been hurt.  I can’t quite believe this.

As usual, Willie is unflappable, stating that we’ll get through this.  It must be this quiet, calm resolve of his that keeps his players so quietly confident.

As much as I love seeing these guys and going out to Shea every night to watch them play during home stands, considering how lousy they’ve been playing at home, I think it might be a good thing to bid them adieu after tonight’s game.   

I think parenting books call it "tough love".  You tell ’em, Ray!   

Suitcase_3 Love ya, guys…really.  Bon voyage!Waving_hand 

One thought

  1. I’m with you. This has been a disappointing stretch of games lately and not only is our Pen showing the holes, our big hitters (DWright, Beltan and Delgado) looking pretty anemic. No clutch hitting like last year. Defense has been sloppy and some of the decisions by Willie leave me scratching my head. Our starting pitchers, the one element everyone thought we had a problem with this year, is the only part of the team that is getting the job done.

    As for treking to Shea at this point, I agree with you – stay home and check out “American Idol” 🙂

    Hey at least you got a nice souvenier last night.

    Lee Ellen

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