…for the EXIT.

Oh, how I wanted to flee after that ninth inning yesterday. 

I’m sure the identical thought was going through every Met fan’s head yesterday at the top of the ninth:

SURELY it couldn’t happen AGAIN?!”

But once again, the relief provided anything but.

Thus, my desire for a hasty departure.

But, you see, I had already promised my child she could “run the bases” for the very last Mr. Met Dash on the field following the game.  So, I had to “suck it up” and wait in an interminable line to walk around the warning track, and watch her run from third base to home plate.


We did, by the way, walk right by the ‘pen.  I resisted the temptation to spit on the ground in front of it or utter any curse words in front of my eleven-year-old.


Considering what had just transpired, I guess watching my daughter on the field at Shea was MY “Play of the Day”.

Hopefully, Pedro and, more importantly,those who follow him will beat up on the Nats now and erase those awful late-inning losses to the Braves over the weekend. 

Can’t even really blame Chipper for those.


One thought

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