Pelfrey2.jpgAfter a long hiatus, I return to the blogosphere with kudos for fellow Wichita State University alumnus, Mike Pelfrey!

I just returned from Shea, having watched the Big Pelf’s first-ever complete game of his Major League career and his [ahem] TWELFTH win of the season, leading the team in wins!  (Of course, Santana has pitched extremely well too; his W-L record does not reflect that merely because of our bullpen blow-ups.)

As an extremely ambitious music performance major during my four years on the WSU campus in the early eighties, I spent an awful lot of time in the practice rooms and the Fine Arts Building. 

Regretably, I cannot say that I ever attended a Shocker baseball game.   I did not attend any sporting events, actually.  However, as an announcer at NPR affiliate KMUW-FM–on the WSU campus–I did “run the board” for a few Shocker basketball games…and Xavier McDaniel was in my Radio Production class.

(Yes, the WSU mascot is a strange and not entirely threatening one:  a shock of wheat.  But, then again, a guy with a huge baseball for a head does not exactly instill fear in the opposition either.)

Even if I had made it to Tyler Field sometime during my schooling, considering Mr. Pelfrey was about 16 months old when I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree, about the only thing I might’ve seen the toddler Pelf throw was a sippy-cup.

Pelfrey1.jpgEven so, just knowing that he spent time pitching for my alma mater–and still calls Wichita home–practically stirs me to belt out our college fight song from my Mezzanine Box at Shea whenver he takes the mound!





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