O.K., you naysayers out there: 

NOW how do you feel about that Lastings Milledge trade?!

cheerleader_outline_graphic copy.jpgPersonally, I’ve been singing the praises of Church and Schneider all season long.  (Not on this blog because of other commitments.)  If there were any remaining doubts in anyone’s mind as to the positive impact these two have made on the team, last night’s game–despite Milledge’s impressive catch–should’ve dispelled those.

Omar Minaya’s prescient decision of this past fall continues to pay huge dividends, game after game.

As for the distraction of the rhythmic cheering and chantingin the manner of “softball girls”–emanating from the visitors’ dugout in the previous evening’s game, I have a few cheers of my own that I would gladly chant at Lastings Milledge, Elijah Dukes (only at a safe distance), et al., given the chance: 

 We’ve got Schneider,

Yes, we do!

We’ve got Schneider,

And CHURCH too!!

cheerleader copy.jpgMaybe Cowbell Man could back me up on this one:  

cheer003.gifRyan, Ryan, he’s our man!

If he can’t catch it, NO ONE can! 


Perhaps not one to fire up the crowd per se, but it does mention another player:

One, two, three, four

RBIs, we want some more!

Five, six, seven, eight

Church on deck, we’re lookin’ great!

Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve

T’morrow we’ll be pitchin’ Pelf!



Or, there’s always this standby, guaranteed to immediately silence the opposition:

We want a pitcher

Not a glass of water!


Feel free to add your own! 

You–and the Mets dugout–can check out this website if you need inspiration to help you get started: 


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