RollinsRadames.jpgYesterday afternoon in Queens, the curtain went up on a new season–what is to be the last season in this house.  Both expectations and hopes were high.

Although the setting itself was the same as many previous performances, striking new sets of CitiField–the work of union construction workers–almost made it seem as if we the audience were due to see a new production.  Not only  that, but there were also a few additional cast members as well. 

But with the exception of the minor cast and set changes, yesterday’s matinee bore a striking resemblance to many of last year’s performances of this same show.

The Mets opened with a predictable and somewhat routine performance of the Overture of the Shea Bouquet.

In Act I itself, Mets pitcher Oliver Perez found himself in some sticky situations but was able, through some timely counseling by newcomer Brian Schneider, to settle himself down and keep the Phillies scoreless through 5.2 innings.

As Act II began and the bullpen entered, one began to feel the tension mount in the stands as well as on the field.

And, at the conclusion of Act III, the starting pitcher’s well-pitched game and the initial runs scored by the Mets did not prove to be enough to withstand the onslaught of the Phillies. 

The curtain fell, following a bracing rendition of the closing aria, “Rittorno vincitor!”, sung with much bravado by Jimmy Rollins.

I’d really like to exchange my tickets for future performances…I’ve seen this show SO MANY TIMES BEFORE.

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