Arod_2 Excitement continues to build in Florida this week surrounding the most expensive free agent available.

     I for one, would love to see the Mets walk on by the A-Rod booth at the GM convention.

I have actually felt that way all along, but getting word late Tuesday afternoon of David Wright’s having won his first ever Gold Glove Award just solidified the argument in my own mind for keeping David Wright RIGHT WHERE HE IS, thank you very much.

My husband was oh-so-quick to counter that, since A-Rod had been a shortstop and had then learned the position of third base, why couldn’t Wright stay at third and A-Rod could then take on second base?

Um.  Well, something tells me there would be a pride issue involved there.  Rodriquez would probably want one of the Mets players to relinquish a position for HIM.


It seems to me that–as usual–the Yankees have continued to hold court even after their season was long over: through the whole Joe Torre/Steinbrenner scena, the A-Rod opt-out announcement on Fox during World Series Game 4, and now the whole "Where will A-Rod go?" soap opera. 

The Mets, having commanded very little media attention of late may be beginning to feel that a dramatic move or important signing to garner attention and get fans and the media talking is needed and that perhaps this is just the thing to get everyone hyped about 2008.

I, for one, think the Mets have problem areas, e.g., pitching and finding a catcher, to address.  The acquisition of A-Rod–especially with no obvious place to put him defensively–would appear to me to be a distraction from those priorities and an "impulse buy" for which there could be serious buyer’s remorse later.

I’m not unsympathetic to the fact that it must be easy to get caught up in the excitement of this whole circus. (That’s EXACTLY what Boras wants, of course.  Duh!)  And, I suppose, given the fact that the Mets are one of very few teams that could seriously consider flinging that sort of cash around, there’s no actual harm in flirting with the idea of signing Rodriguez…as long as it doesn’t end up alienating Wright or the fans in the process. 


But just because the Mets COULD acquire A-Rod

doesn’t mean they SHOULD.


It’s sorta like the pair of shoes I’d LIKE to get


versus the ones that I probably SHOULD purchase.


The Donald J. Pliner red velvet/antique metallic cowboy boots with fleur-de-lis zipper pulls are to DIE FOR!  No doubt about it. They are absolutely eye-catching. 

Naturally, I have absolutely nothing in my closet that would go with them, so purchasing them would in turn necessitate purchasing a red satin Western shirt (involving additional time and expense.)  And maybe a bolo tie and a Western belt and…

For the few times I would wear this outfit, I would have everyone’s attention, but I’m not sure how long these fetching boots would stay in style, and the money I would spend on these boots–$247…no, not $350 million!…is no small sum and would naturally prevent me from making other clothing purchases for quite some time.  I would probably end up wearing these boots far fewer times than I had anticipated I would and they would sit in the back of my closet unworn for lack of occasions to wear them.  No doubt I would have buyer’s remorse sooner or later, thinking of how much I had spent on them and what an impulsive purchase they had been.

There is also the small matter that I would never have the opportunity to wear these boots for work because I need to wear black footwear in the orchestra pit.  These obviously do not meet that requirement, so although that is a somewhat minor consideration, there is that additional impracticality…besides their not matching anything in my closet and requiring me to spend more money and probably not staying in style for long.

The others–sleek, soft nappa Stuart Weitzman booties–while maybe not attracting immediate attention because of any unique or stand-out qualities would be entirely fashionable and are not so "trendy" that they would be likely to go out of style any time soon, would match anything in my wardrobe–including my orchestral attire, would perhaps not generate stares or cause jaws to drop, but those in the know would immediately recognize them to be a well-made, thought-out, flattering wardrobe purchase that I could make use of for seasons to come.

Please shop smart, Omar. 

The Mets may have lots to spend,

but they don’t have money–or a season–to burn.

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