That was our October, courtesy of the Mets.  A pretty dirty trick, I’d say:  that amazin’ fall from first.

Spider_2 But here’s hoping that come NEXT Halloween, the Mets will have plenty of TREATS in store for all their fans. 

In the meantime, here is some Halloween/Mets art work done by my daughter two years ago. 


Some of the Mets players she depicted at that time have moved on to other teams.  Also, her artistic skills have become even more refined since this piece.  Obviously, I’m totally biased, but I’m just a total fan of this kid’s work!!

2 thoughts

  1. Great stuff! We are talking w/ the Mets about having the team host our book launch w/ a rendition of our Savvy Girls event (we’re talking with 12 teams to visit on the summer tour). I hope you are able to come and bring your family when we hit NY. I’m also a musician (piano) and a subscriber to the Seattle Symphony… along with baseball, we’ll have plenty to talk about!
    Take care!


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