25226394 O.K., I know.  El Duque didn’t have his stuff last night.  But, he says that he’s O.K. and that his bad outing was not related to the foot injury.  So, let’s just assume it’s one bad night.  And, afterall, the Phillies lost too.  So the Magic Number still went down, and we’re a Baker’s Dozen right now.

So, AC- CEN– TU- A- TING the POSITIVE, how about Jose Reyes bustin’ up that offensive slump big-time last night?  I know the Mets have been winning without him, but it was still awful good to see him getting on base…and feeling good about himself!!

It sure was great seeing a bit of the old Jose Reyes..a bit of that YOUTHFUL ENTHUSIASM that tends to get this team goin’!

And speaking of youthful enthusiasm, a colleague of mine from the MET Orchestra forwarded this video to me.  What these youngsters bring to this symphonic excerpt from Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story is absolutely insane!! 

I love it!

You wanna see Shea rock?  I say let’s invite these young Venezuelans for the next Noche de Merengue, what do you say??!!

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