09090713 The Shea Faithful held a veritable love-fest For Pedro upon his first appearance there in 2007.  Following five scoreless innings, the crowd chanted "PAY- DRO!  PAY- DRO!  PAY- DRO!"

Pedro obliged with a curtain call.

Pedros_return2 Well, maybe not THAT kind of curtain call.

But, you gotta admit, Pedro IS larger than life.

And he’s certainly a character.

And is he EVER theatrical. 

I sorta picture him as a tenor myself.

Or, wait, no.   Maybe in the baritone role of Don Giovanni.  Can you see it? 

The MET Orchestra went back to work today, so I’ll be juggling music and baseball again now, thus the opera references.

Just because work is starting, though, baseball doesn’t have to stop, guys. 

Let’s carry the baseball season into November. 


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