08150736grain_2 Wow!  If this weren’t so much fun, keeping up with these road trips might begin to feel like work or something!  But seriously, I cannot even begin to imagine how tiring it must be to keep up with the grueling pace of spring training followed by a full season of baseball for regular players.

I had a good time in Pittsburgh, but the excitement began before we even arrived there. 

Sitting in boarding area at our departure gate at LaGuardia, waiting to board our USAir flight on Tuesday morning, I looked up from my copy of the Times and did a double-take: 

sitting only a few feet away from my family and me was SNY ANNOUNCER GARY COHEN!!08140704_3

So immersed was he in his own newspaper–specifically, the crossword puzzle–that I did not want to intrude on what was probably one of very few quiet moments in what was to no doubt be a very long work day for him. 

But then when we boarded our flight and I then found myself SITTING IN THE SEAT DIRECTLY BEHIND GARY COHEN, I thought to myself, "I want to respect his privacy, but how am I going to be able to contain myself and not say a word to him for the entire trip?!"

I’m happy to say that I and my family were able to remain respectful of his privacy throughout the trip AND that when we approached him after our flight landed, we had a delightful conversation with him. 

He also kindly obliged when I asked if I might take some photos of him with my daughter and husband as we all waited for our baggage to come off of the carousel.

It was an entirely lovely way to begin our adventure in Pittsburgh!


Unfortunately, washing jerseys and repacking for the trip to Washington for the two remaining games with the Nationals which we shall see this weekend will prevent me from giving more details about all the fun I had at PNC Park!  Details about BOTH road trips will follow in upcoming posts!

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