Texas_lotto_3 Well, it looks like Atlanta cashed in their chips on Teixeira today.  I only hope the Mets don’t trade away their future, e.g., Lastings Milledge, for some stop-gap solution to temporary problems.  It’s not worth it, Omar!!

I admit it, though:  we DO have problems.  And not just in our gimped-up outfield.  What I hear management would be most likely to address via a trade, though, would be that fifth spot in the pitching rotation. 

Admittedly, Sosa’s not getting the job done.  And Pelfry’s a work-in-progress. 

17915405 And, heck yeah, how long can we keep pining away for Pedro? 

He’s like a boyfriend who never calls or writes, but on whom the jilted one just cannot seem to give up.

Anytime someone mentions those hope-filled words,

"You know, Pedro pitched off a mound today,"

there are those of us who get goose-bumps and our eyes get this dreamy, far-away look in them as we see the mythic figure with the number 45 on his jersey, hurling the ball toward the plate, then pumping his fist and looking skyward.

"Maybe he really WILL come back to me!  Maybe he WILL come back in time for the post-season!" we tell ourselves.

My excuse?  I’m from the Midwest:  born in Kansas, raised in Oklahoma.  Most times I believe what people tell me.  If Omar says he’s coming back, I believe him.

Well, in any case, I certainly hope that cooler heads prevail and we don’t see some move made in desperation. 

I know how frustrating it’s been to see some recent starts when it hasn’t been Maine, Glavine, Perez, or Hernandez on the mound, but I don’t think we should hit the panic button or anything.  I hope my opinion is in the majority here. 

07150702_1 I had to start wondering about how widely that view is held, though, when I recently saw this fan–or more to the point:  his JERSEY–from my mezzanine box seat.

With Paul LoDuca down for the count, fellow Mets blogger Metstradamus has been thinking maybe it’s high time we bring Mike Piazza back to Shea in a Mets uniform. And, well, Rickey Henderson and Marlon Anderson have recently returned as Mets.  But really now–are any of us really and truly prepared for the return of LIMA TIME??!!

Just say NO!

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