072207012_1 Although I certainly don’t like the way this game is going in the 7th inning, I loved seeing Carlos Gomez’s 2nd major league homer earlier in this game.  I loved the run, of course, but I also loved the youthful joy he took in the home run and couldn’t help smiling at Willie later calling him over and taking him under his wing (presumably to advise him not to show up the pitcher next time by watching the ball before the running the bases!)

Thanks to a response posted to an earlier e-mailbag query posted to Metsblogger, the mystery of Carlos’ curious batting ritual has been revealed…if not fully explained.

He’s sniffing his bat "for hits"??!! 

Seeing him constantly sniffing that bat made me think of this hilarious Onion photo from last fall.  THAT would be something to sniff for sure!

On-Deck Prince Fielder Puts Dozen Donuts On Bat

August 31, 2006 | Onion Sports

On-Deck Prince Fielder Puts Dozen Donuts On Bat

Actually, I was kinda relieved to hear that that was all that was involved.  I had been wondering if he was inhaling pine tar or some other substance for some other quick "high" before his at-bat.  Just what we need, I thought:  the youngest player on the team getting started with some kind of personal stimulant that will become addictive and problematic.

But seeing as how it’s nothing like that, I figure it’s now only a matter of time until some marketing executive gets wind of Gomez’s ritual and sniffs a money-making idea: 


Verticalspiral_copy_1 I can see…er, SMELL them now!  They’ll no doubt come in a myriad of colors, coordinated to match a veritable smorgasbord of flavors!

Pictured above are suggestions for a fruit and candy line, but hey, why limit oneself to sweet taste sensations?  Why not some of the salty tastes of the ballfield itself:  pretzel, hot dog, french fries, popcorn, etc.?

What about special limited edition series bats for post-season play?  Especially if–as we hear–the post-season might extend into November, how about turkey-and-gravy?  Pumpkin pie?

Hey, Carlos.  If sniffing your bat gives you hits, you just keep on doing what you’re doing!

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  1. D: Thanks for shrniag my story. I’m glad it made you think. I don’t envy the Rockies or any sport teams having to deal with the new media.I thought when I called there would be a sign, you can’t ride this ride unless you are THIS tall, with the line being some where like 8’6″. A bar set so high it would keep out everyone. But I did expect there to be a goal, a criteria of SOME sort. Like, so many years existing, or so many readers/hits. So, my call really was to find out, exactly what standard I needed to shoot for to be accepted down the line.It’s coming….It’s just going to take a lot of us dedicated bloggers getting the “screw off, loser” reply before some one goes, “You know..it is free publicity….let’s figure it out”Keep up the good work!

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