…O- RANGE and the BLUE!!

       Yes, yes, I know:  we’ve gone on to more pressing matters.

Empire_state_building_5 The boys are now in Atlanta with all of the challenges that that always presents,  but I hope, before they made their way down south they got a look at this beautiful sight at least once.

Believe me, I’m not the kinda person to kick a man (or a team) when they’re down, but ya gotta admit:

   Isn’t it nice for once to be the New York team that has that little bit of SPRING in our step?!!

The Subway Series was all the spectacle and hype that I expected it to be.  All that and more…way too much more.05180717cutout_1

I was uncomfortable, frankly,  with so many rowdy and loud Yankee fans at Shea.  A good-natured rivalry is one thing; getting raucous and out-of-hand is another.

I did, however, delight in the particular rhythm created–especially on Sunday when there were so MANY Yankee fans there–when the Yankee chant would get started and grow enough to be audible,


which was followed, without missing a beat–in rhythm and with more volume and intensity by,

"YAN- KEES S*%K!!"

I have to wonder, in retrospect, if the Yankees have the Mets fans–with all their booing–to thank for waking up their bats…05180712cutout what with their winning the last game at Shea and then the first game against the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium. 

I certainly wouldn’t want to feel personally responsible.  :\

I know there’s "no crying in baseball", but is there GUILT in baseball?

Well, there’s this, though:  even if the Yankees’ offense "woke up", at least David Wright’s bat woke up too!!  How about those HOMERS??! 

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