Ahhh!  A beautiful, warm, sunny Sunday in New York and my beloved Mets are in town.  After waking up to a wonderful breakfast presented to me by my loving husband and daughter, I look forward to getting dressed in my Mets jersey…er, nope.  Today is one of those long Sundays at Carnegie Hall for me:  a rehearsal with the MET Orchestra from 11 until 1:30 (if we’re lucky), followed by the concert conducted by Maestro James Levine at 3.Images

Game time is 1:10.  Dammit.

Well, at least Levine let us out of the rehearsal at 1:40.  There’s time for lunch before the concert.  And I’m already dressed in my concert black.  So where, my husband and daughter who have met me at the Carnegie Hall Stage Door want to know, would I like for them to take me for a nice Mother’s Day lunch??  (This, after first updating me on the score of the game, of course.)

Without hesitation, I suggest that we walk one block west to the corner of 56th and Broadway and to lunch at a certain establishment so that I Hooters_logo_5 can watch my beloved Mets on TV!

Said establishment had a huge canvas banner proclaiming that one could watch every Major League game there on 35 TVs, and it wasn’t false advertising.  Although our waitress initially had to get her manager to change the channel on our table’s own personal TV from the channel it Hooterssnygirl_3_1 was on (NASCAR coverage) to the SportsNY channel, in no time at all our orders were in to the kitchen and we were immersed in the game (and oblivious to the "scenery".

I doubt there are many moms that would make that particular request for a Mother’s Day lunch, but it was PERFECT!!  We enjoyed our salads and burgers and witnessed amazing catches by both Endy Chavez in Left Field and newcomer Carlos Gomez in Right Field  before having to pay our tab and return for the downbeat at 3PM.

The Internet browser on my phone kept me up-to-date during the intermission of the concert with the rest of the good news that followed after we left the television coverage and I went onstage with the rest of the orchestra to play some Carter, Mozart, and Mendelssohn for the afternoon.

A good Mother’s Day for me and a good day for the Mets against the Brew Crew!  Bring on the Cubbies!

4 thoughts

  1. Wow. You’re dedicated! 🙂 Even if I was okay with it, I know my other half wouldn’t go into a *******.

    And boy does that Cardinals fan look like an utter *****. At least in the real blogosphere we don’t get quite as many trolls 🙂 (nor does the blog software censor your posts!!!)




  2. Sounds to me like you’re a pretty cool mom. Welcome. Try not to take New York haters seriously. (You’re not one of those Met fans who hate the Yankees, are you, by the way?!) The Mets look especially good this year. It’s nice to see the results of a good plan. Keep writing!

    Sharon Pearce


  3. What are the Mets? Oh yes, I remember. That’s that team that got whooped by the ST. LOUIS CARDINALS last year. Good thing this blog is called perfect pitch—it may be the only perfect pitching coming out of NYC this year.

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