bill_pulsipher_autograph.jpgI recently had the pleasure of being extended an invitation to write a guest post for another blog devoted to the New York Mets:  Mets Gazette.  I was honored to have been asked, and my response is included in a regular feature of Mets Gazette:  “The Pulsipher of the Nation”.

Mets Gazette is an enterprising and informative blog featuring the creative talents of writers Jason Adamowicz, Tom Greenhalgh and Frank Gray.
Their writing has been featured on Mets Blog, ESPN’s Mets Today, SB Nation’s Amazin’ Avenue, Daily Stache, as well as other websites and blogs.  Their material has been read on air on New York sports radio station, WFAN. 
Please click here to read my contribution as well as that of two other notable Mets bloggers.  
Do look around the site while you are there, and be sure to bookmark it to return for more great sports writing from the Mets Gazette’s trio! 

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