Cheese Chester copy.jpgWe’ve warned our children.  Teachers have cautioned students.  Heck, at the beginning of the school year, President Obama made the admonition in a nationally televised address to the nation’s school children:  be very, very careful what you choose to post on Facebook.

Apparently, one of the four “racing pierogies” of PNC Park in Pittsburgh–an imitation of the original racing sausages at Miller Park–has lost his job due to personal posts made on his Facebook Wall.

I don’t know whether this little potato dumpling just did not have enough spuds between his ears, but he unwisely wrote derogatory remarks about the team on his Facebook Wall.  The comments were seen by officials for the Pirates. 

He was subsequently fried…er, fired.

The former Pierogi will be losing minimal dough as he has already been offered a job as a hot dog for the Washington Wild Things.  

Mr. Met, you’ve been forewarned.

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