• The gorgeous weather.  Sunny, in the 70’s:  an Ernie Banks kind of day.
    • Seeing my daughter’s reaction when she saw for the first time where our new seats are located at Citi Field.  She was so blown away by the incredible view and the fact that her Dad had made all this possible that she actually shed tears. 
    • 040510.04.jpgHearing fans loudly boo the entire Marlins staff, coaches, and players as they were introduced.
    • Laughing out loud when fans actually booed the first Mets that were then introduced:  Ray Ramirez, Head Trainer; Mike Herbst, Assistant Trainer; Rick Slate, Strength and Conditioning Coordinator; and John Zajac, Physical Therapist.  Obviously, there are a sizable number of fans that hold these guys accountable at least in some part for the lack of information on players’ injuries and the often questionable treatment of those
       injuries.  (They had company, by the way:  the fans booed Oliver Perez as well.

    • 040510.01.jpg
      A reminder of the Mets’ winning past:  a member of a Mets World Series team–Darryl Strawberry–throwing out the first pitch.
    • The first Mets home run, a two-run contribution, courtesy of David Wright.
      040510.03.jpgJason Bay’s first at-bat as a Met in which he hit a single.
    •  Listening to the familiar voice of Howie Rose all afternoon as he introduced the two teams and their staff and coaches, and later, on WFAN as he called the game, including his signature, “Put it in the books!”
    • Hearing the strains of BTO’s “Takin’ Care of Business”–always played at the end of every Mets’ home win-
      -for the first time this season.

      Here’s hoping we’ll have lots more sunny days, tears of joy, David Wright home runs, Jason Bay hits, good outings by Santana, Mets wins, and encores of Howie’s call and “Takin’ Care of Business” in the days to come.

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