Triple.jpgFinishing up a very busy week at the opera kept me from continuing my countdown to Opening Day in a timely manner, but here’s an attempt to catch up.

Yesterday marked THREE days.  The word three made me first think of three strikes, and then, the unassisted triple play I witnessed at CitiField at the end of last season.

Trying to start the season on an optimistic note, here’s hoping we see a lot of TRIPLES by Jose Reyes in the upcoming season. 



Mets_vs_Yankees.jpgWhile word associations with “two” and “baseball” first brought to mind “double”, I’ve decided to choose for the two-day mark the TWO teams here in New York.  Here’s hoping that the Mets’ 2010 season serves to remind those who have forgotten that there are, in fact, two teams in this here town!




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