2666287395_0714e8a9d0.jpgIt’s almost time to break camp.  By week’s end, Cactus and Grapefruit Leagues will disperse to ballparks all over the country to begin playing “meaningful” games.

The players are (hopefully) ready, and–after a bit of Spring Cleaning to sweep out the embarassing cobwebs and dustbunnies that have taken up residence on this woefully neglected blog–I will be ready too!

I’ll begin the revival of Perfect Pitch with a countdown to Opening Day.

With five days between now and that exciting first Mets game, I have selected as the subject of my first blog entry the Five Tools of Baseball.

What are the attributes of a Five-tool player? 

A baseball player that is said to have all five tools is scouting and coaching terminology for a baseball player that has all of the attributes that make a player a ‘star’ or make a player a threat to the opposing team or pitcher.

These are the five tools (not in order):

1) Hit for average
2) Hit for power
3) Speed (on the bases)
4) Power
5) Fielding prowess

It is quite rare for a player to possess all of these tools, however any combination of the 5 is usually quite adequate to be a competitive player.
Baseball players from Little League on up to the professional ranks are categorically and positioned on the field according to how much or how little of each of these tools they possess or have developed.

Referenced from Squidoo.
I know Center Fielder Carlos Beltran is considered a five-tool player.  What other players in franchise history have been worthy of this designation?



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