051405.03B.jpgIt’s Hot Stove season, the GM’s are meeting, and rumors are flying.  Of course the biggest news in the past few hours is the huge sum of cash offered Manny by the Dodgers.

But the rumor that the Yankees are interested in former Met (now Brewer) Mike Cameron caught my eye.

Mike Cameron was always one of my favorite Mets players.  Not only was he an asset to the team on the field, but I always got the idea that he was a good clubhouse presence as well.

And that’s not even mentioning what a class act he was/is as a person.  That’s him in the photo, by the way, taking all the time in the world to give my then seven-year-old daughter and her Dad an autograph and a picture at a local signing event.

I know in the off-season, lots of scenarios are cooked up that never come to fruition.  I also realize that trades are just part of the fabric of Major League Baseball. 

But, I’m sorry:  I just can’t picture Cami in pinstripes.



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