WerthDevil copy.jpgAm I the only one that thinks Jason Werth looks like the Devil?

I actually thought that his little strip of a goatee and his angular eyebrows and long face made him look Lucifer-like WELL before Sunday’s L- O – O – O- NG rain delay. 

But when Billy Wagner was one strike away from FINALLY ending this game and Werth hit a hellish two-run homer off of him to tie up the game and force us into extra innings–blowing Billy’s save–I know many of us Mets fans were thinking up some pretty diabolical names for the guy.

So then–in last night’s giveaway-that-turned-into-a-nail-biter–how could it have been anyone beside Satan himself facing Billy in the bottom of the ninth with two outs and the tying run on second base??!!

While Billy had us sweatin’ there, but this time the Prince of Darkness popped-up to right and Endy Chavez caught it to end the internal game.

I later heard Billy Wagner interviewed on SNY-TV.  He said something to effect that he thought the Mets should play hard all the time:  so hard that when they left town [or they left the opposing team’s town], their adversaries were “tired”.

I don’t know about any other viewers, but between (1) the angst created by the interminable rain delay–Would they play again or would it just keep raining and we would win??!, and(2) the anxiety of the scenario should they continue the game:  two Phillies on base and Howard due up in the bottom of the ninth, (3) followed by last night’s 10-1 score in the sixth diminshing to merely a one-run lead by the time Billy Wagner was in fact needed for the game, and finally, (4) Billy not exactly looking invincible…I am TIRED!! 

I feel mentally and physically exhausted after “staying in the game(s)” with our guys.

With that in mind, I’m going to take a quick nap before heading out to Shea to welcome the victorious Mets back home and help them deal with this Lincecum fellow from the Bay!

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