Mikemonsterinc "…MIKE WAZOWSKI!!"


The Yankees announced today  that they had signed fifty-nine-year-old actor/comedian Billy Crystal.

Yes, that’s right:  fulfilling a lifetime fantasy and a sixtieth birthday wish, Crystal will be signed to a one-day, minor league contract–with Bud Selig’s approval–enabling him to play with his beloved Yanks in an exhibition game against the Pittsburgh Pirates on Thursday.


If I keep working out on a regular basis, should I hold out hope for some distant day when I too might spend some time on the field with my Mets idols as I near retirement from my day job?

Um.  I think not.  But it’s good for my heart and respiratory system, so I’ll keep doing it anyway, I guess.

But I AM green with envy, Billy Crystal.  I hope Xavier Nady hits a line drive right to you, pal!!

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