How pathetic is this?

05260766_1 They already had CHEERLEADERS, for God’s sakes.  Wasn’t that embarassing enough?

And Florida Marlins ownership has certainly been cruel and indifferent to their fanbase over the years, basically playing Let’s Make a Deal at the end of any even slightly promising season. 

But adding insult to injury this year:  not only are Miggy and Dontrelle long gone, but in their place (No, not literally at third base and on the mound, thank goodness!) will be a troupe of overweight male dancers, dubbed the "Manatees".  Auditions for the newly-formed ensemble were held yesterday.

THIS is supposed to make fans forget that their star players were shipped off to Motown??!! Yeah, right.


O.K., Mets fans. 

I know you’re probably thinking, "Well, we come from a SERIOUS baseball town.  Nothing like that would ever be instigated here."

Perhaps not.  But even so, let’s just pause for a moment and reflect once again on the gift(s) that we’ve been given and just make sure that we have given proper thanks for all we have received as we embark on this new season filled with hope and promise:






Suffice to say life is good–

REALLY good–right now.

If you’re a Met fan.

Isn’t it??!!


2 thoughts

  1. Don’t be so fast to rule out the dancers taking the field…I wouldn’t put anything past the Marlins.

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