08280747_1 Well, I guess there’s one good thing about being so tardy in posting:  sometimes the very worst losses don’t look quite SO bad when looking back at them with a few wins tucked on the end.

But before what became the successful trip to the Deep South, the Mets had the horrible, awful, stinky, putrid, philthy stand closer south at Citizens Bank Park culminating in four losses and rumors of the Phillies stealing signs in the first two games.

I wouldn’t actually want to remember and, therefore, post anything about that nightmarish four-game phiasco had it not been for the fact that there were some kinda neat things about the game which we attended:  the Tuesday night game, August 28th:08280754_5


(1) Tuesday was my daughter’s birthday and we attended the game at her request.  "Happy Birthday" was sung to her by–yes, believe it or not–Phillies fans!  (I had not ruled out the possibility that fans that are capable of booing their own players for any minor infraction, their own manager, heck–even Santa Claus–might boo a ten-year-old kid in Mets gear celebrating a birthday, but they did not.) 

She was also showered by confetti, and she got to see her name and age on the scoreboard.08280712_1 

(2) Tuesday also marked the return of my personal favorite, Endy Chavez, and

(3) We had some AMAZING seats! 

While we were quite a ways down the left field line, we were only five rows from the field. 

This meant we were privy to some neat plays by Pat Burrell and Moises Alou. 

It also meant that we were able to witness some old-enough-to-know-better, drunken boors make passes at the Phillies foul ball girl sitting down on the field right in front of us.

No class.

The Phillies do truly have some of the worst fans (except the ones near us who did sing "Happy Birthday", of course.)

Additionally, our right-on-the-field seats meant we witnessed first-hand the tomfoolery between the Phillie Phanatic and our players.


08280732crop_4 If I had it figured out correctly, it appeared that the Phanatic approached Paul LoDuca who was on the field stretching. 

The Phanatic proffered a hand as if to offer to help LoDuca get up from the field.  As a gag, the Phanatic then let go of LoDuca’s hand, letting him tumble back onto the grass.

But the shenanigans continued.

08280736_1 Not to be outdone by LoDuca’s theatrics, Luis Castillo crept up to the Phanatic’s little dune buggy and did something. 

(Maybe he stole the keys or flipped some switch?) 

08280737_2 Then he scampered away.

When the Phanatic became aware of the prank and looked  accusingly at Castillo, he pointed at someone else closer to the dugout.

08280741_1 Although I’ve seen some of this shtick occasionally on television, seeing it so close, uncut–and seeing how much Wright, LoDuca, and Castillo were getting into it–was priceless!

I still would’ve preferred the smiles that a Mets win would’ve given us, but I’m afraid Ryan Howard took that away from us that night.

And the unfortunate interference call at second on Wednesday, and Billy’s blown save on Thursday…

But now the Phillies have lost their series in Florida and are now four games behind us, so things don’t look SO bad, right?

Let’s just try to rack up a lot more wins and stabilize that bullpen before the Phillies come here in 10 days or so, what do you think?

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