Besides the two games between the Mets and Phillies today at Citizens Bank Park today, there were some priceless comic moments on SNY-TV unrelated to the games themselves.

  1. Near the end of Game 2 when David Wright and co-conspirators decorated Castro’s hat unbeknownst to him.  (Methinks everyone was getting a tad punchy.  Thank goodness they were able to pull the win out.  Otherwise, this stuff would not have been funny in the least!)
  2. Kevin Burkhardt and the Valentin mustache fans and their T-shirts and seeing Valentin’s face in the dugout when one of the T-shirts made its way to him.  Delightful!Sny
  3. My personal favorite:  when the Philly Phanatic made his way into the Philadelphia TV booth when Keith was making a guest appearance there.  The Phanatic–as might be expected–made a big to-do about this intruder stepping over from the enemy lines. 

I wondered, though, if they sat down over a beer if they wouldn’t just hit it off, Keith and the Phanatic. 

In fact, they might just make great colleagues.  Imagine them both in the booth together:  Keith doing play-by-play and PP doing color (ar ar) commentary!

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