061507_2 With the help of the Yankees??!! 

The end of this interminable slump would’ve felt this good no matter who it was against.  Maybe it just feels EXTRA-good because it was just so, well…unexpected. 

At least by me!  But, hey, I LOVE surprises like this one!

First off, GOLLIE OLLIE!  Hats off to you!!

I promise I will now open my Sports Illustrated issue with your broad grin gracing the cover and read the article on the Mets now.  I have been avoiding doing so ever since the magazine showed up in my mailbox during this downward spiral.  I look forward to picking it up off the bedside table this evening…if I can ever go to sleep!!Gomez_catch

Secondly, Carlos Gomez:  you jump-started things in the third inning for us offensively.  Kudos too on that catch you didn’t let those greedy Yankee fans take away from you!

As good as I personally feel, I can only imagine how the players and staff must feel this evening.  I hope they can carry those positive vibes forward into the rest of the series and the upcoming homestand.

This team is far too good to be kept down for too long…just as everyone kept saying about the Yankees when they were in THEIR slump.

One thought

  1. Nice celebration! I think I’m waiting to see what happens today before getting *too* excited 🙂

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